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Still in the Middle

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

We are still right in the middle of life. It does go on after disasters and losses and problems. We can’t really do much to help or change those conditions. But here at home we can make a difference. Our problems seem small compared to the earthquakes and wars.

Many of our problems with families are because of the difficulty with communication. Coming from different times we have different characteristics and values that burden our conversations. If we are aware of the differences we can begin to understand them and learn to work around them.

We need to know that the older generation believed more in privacy and keeping problems to themselves. They were known as the Silent Generation. The generation before them served in WWII, came home and never talked about it. The Boomer generation talks about things more easily.

We also know that now everything is on the table- out there on Face book or Twitter on on reality TV. It seems nothing is sacred. Everything one does is public.  They are talking and texting all the time.

Now that is a generation gap.  I define the gap this way: Generation Alienation Participation. We have all chosen to remain separate. We need to close that gap or at least put up a bridge so we can meet each other somewhere in the middle.  

Here now let’s try to bridge that gap. We can be the ones to reach out to the younger generation instead of waiting for them to contact us. We have the time. They are busy. We can be the ones to initiate talking about communication.

Let’s talk…