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Saturday, February 5th, 2011

The Inevitable Red Lights in the Morning: December 1, 2010

You know it is getting tiresome -– is that the right word? Or is it getting customary to see reminders of the inevitable? The inevitable being our turn for the fire truck’s flashing red lights, ambulance, with no siren after entering this community. When is it my turn? When will I not be watching the red lights and red truck because I am the recipient of their valuable services? 

One can’t help but notice living here in this senior community aged 55 to 100 plus. The truck just passed by my house. It was stationed about a block away. I saw the red lights when I went out to get the newspaper. I said a prayer for the person who was in crisis and for the family. I have done this many times but this morning I came back in to write about the situation. We have been here for seven years now. At first we delighted in the beautiful area, with its lovely grand lodges, multiple activities, and friendly neighbors from everywhere, many from our home the Bay Area. We all found this wonderful place to light on our way to our next life. Most of us have raised our families, retired from our jobs and careers, and come for either a resort style or cruise ship lifestyle, without the ship and not on the water, to laugh and play and have a ball. Or to settle in closer to our families to take it easy and wait it out -– the inevitable. Some came in very healthy and then had a stroke or a heart attack and everything changed. (more…)