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Beyond The Red Lights…

Friday, March 4th, 2011


Beyond The Red Lights…

Moving on beyond the Red Lights in the morning I find that I needed to get that all said, but one has to find other things on which to concentrate. So I move forward knowing people face many other things as they age. Facing aging – looking it right in the face may be the most significant issue to address but once faced move it along. Live each day fully and in the present.

Check out the wonder of a brand new day – the gift given to try out new things, check out different options, possibilities, and opportunities. The twenty four hour day is full of them. I call them glimpses of God – like the nudging one gets to call an old friend, or the chance to do something over again, or the beautiful birds singing outside the window, or the geese flying by and honking to each other, or hearing I love you from a person close to you.

There are many more like the premature blossoms on a plum tree, the wonderful sunny day or two after some freezing windy weather, the isolated neighbor one decides to visit, and the surprise call from a grandchild to ask you to buy girl scout cookies. These are some wonderful glimpses of God. Get up and check it out. Take on the brand new day with all its wonders and challenges.