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No Time To Process

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Every time I turn around I hear a new item of news or see a new image on TV or on the internet. I don’t have time to process one thing before I am bombarding my mind with another thing. So what happens to all these things?  Where do they go in my mind? How can I possibly figure out what is cooking when I keep adding to the recipe before it is made?

 I probably do not know a lot about anything now but I sure know a lot of bits and pieces about trivia, crisis, dire circumstances all around the world, crime in my area, something new to be worried about,  be concerned about, be afraid of, be anxious about, to look for, to think about and to watch for. What am I thinking?

So I think I need to turn things off. Shut down the TV, turn off the radio, stay off the computer, and just sit quietly or just walk aimlessly, or just stand up and stretch calmly and or sit and read a nice inspirational book or devotional. Or I could sit and look up at the sky and dream.

I would probably discover my inner self. I might just find me again uncorrupted by all the media effort to engross me and tie me up and leave me to struggle with which scary thing to take on.

So as soon as this essay is finished I will turn off the computer after I check my email, and I will turn off the radio as soon as this program is over, and then I will go in the other room and turn on the TV and get updated before I turn it off. Then I will relax.

How about you?