Voice of Reason

It has been one year and a half since my book came out -Voices of Older Women: What You Want to Say - Why You’re Not Listening. It has a good message. It says that older women are talented, skillful, wise, experienced, loving, nurturing, beings whom after the job of raising their families have been put out to pasture so to speak. They are not recognized for what they did and can still do. They are not treated with respect, not called on for advice; in fact they are often the dreadful mother in law referred to by the younger generation. They are not acknowledged for having brains, wisdom, and abilities. They don’t seem to be entitled to a life beyond or after raising the family. It says too that they don’t complain about it – don’t even talk about it to their families. And that the families don’t want to hear about it. They don’t listen and they don’t ask about the lives of the older ones.

I said that there is a communication gap. So what? So if that is the way it is who cares?

Why should I continue to talk about it?

Number one because I think a whole generation of men and women is being ignored and a valuable asset to the country and society is not being “used”.   There is much to be learned from them if we would give them a platform, a vehicle, a road into town so to speak.

In this time of bad economy, wars, conflicts, suffering of many, mortgage foreclosures, and violence, we need to hear a voice of reason.

The older women and men are the voice of reason. They have been there, done that. They have lived through tough times in the Depression. They know how it feels to skimp, save, and  send their loves ones to war, and take care of the family while they are gone, welcome them home, and have hope that things will get better. And they will.

They can tell this entitled, privileged generation that this too shall pass. They can comfort them with positive strategies to make it through. They can share their faith and belief. They can help them practically by giving a temporary place to live, a loan to pay the bills, and they can take care of the grandchildren so they can work.

So the question is, are we sharing these facts? Are we reaching out to our younger persons to offer advice, suggestions, and help? Are the younger ones asking? Are they listening?

When and how can we older persons get noticed and get the word out that we are willing to help? In letters to newspapers, columns in newspapers, books? No in blogging and Facebook and in emails and personal letters and texting if we are up to that. Plus those articulate ones can talk at church groups, schools, and groups. Let’s let everyone hear the Voices of Reason.  Let’s talk.

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  1. nancy Says:


    You are right, we are often not heard……and that will probably get more so as we get even older. So what can we do? You are on the right track. We, older women, need to talk about how to get more respect from our grown children. What has worked for you? What has worked for me? I think part of it is knowing how to speaking up. Learning how to say what we want to say is vital. Nancy