We Can Make A Difference

Where We Can Make a Difference

There is a compelling need to communicate with each other now at this time. This may be the only place we can have an effect.

We can’t solve the immigration problems in a day or even a year. We can’t correct global warming by ourselves, though we can all do a small part but it takes a grand effort to make a significant difference.

We can’t stop the war alone but we can let our president, and legislators know that we believe it must be stopped and peaceful means sought now.

We can’t end poverty and suffering in the world by ourselves but we can contribute to organizations that work on it.

We can’t fix the global economy crisis but we can manage our own budget. We can’t stop the violence on our streets in the U.S. but we can be cooperative and decent to each other.

But there is one place we can make an immediate difference. It is with our families. We can reach out to those with whom we have issues to forgive. We can call our mothers and fathers and ask how they are doing and really want to know. We can get past the hurried up answer”fine” and ask really? We can get the grandchildren to work with the grandmothers on scrap booking and talking about their lives. We can offer to help with things that are too much for an older person to handle. We can stop by and visit. We can invite them over for dinner. We can pick them up and go to a movie. We can search out what they love to do.  We can email them, call them, and send them cards and letters. We can plan to assuage their loneliness. We can make sure that no one is lonely and left out. We can remember someone who is alone and call them. This is where we can make a difference. Let’s do it. Let’s talk.




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