Right in the Middle

Right in the middle of your life, your day, you’re trying to take it a day at a time to get your life working the way you want, something happens. Right in the middle of all your terrible problems, like the car needs gas, room needs painting, the kids need a new soccer uniform, you need a new pair of shoes to add to your twenty pair in closet, you forgot to sign up for the class, you need a new flat screen TV, et al, a colossal devastating point seven on the Richter scale EARTHQUAKE  hits Haiti.

I mean it is huge. It is so bad that a whole city has been leveled. There are reports of thousands of people dead, buildings demolished, homes gone, government at a standstill, airport closed, and it is all over the TV and in the news. You can’t get away from the heart wrenching pictures of horror. What does a person do? He wakes up fuzzy headed after being pulled out or crawls out from tons of concrete and looks around. What must he think?

He can’t think. Can’t even remember his name let alone where he is, where his job went, where his family is. What happened; is all he can think, if even that. So I think I have problems. I have no idea what problems are. Let’s face it the worst I have faced in my whole life can’t measure up to what one survivor in Haiti is facing let alone all the other who survived.

So when their heads do clear a bit they realize that they have been hit with a giant huge disaster. All of a sudden they look around and wonder where their husband, child, friends are. Then just a tad out of the shocked state, reality hits. What can I do? I have to find them. Then they start the search but there is no where to look everything is under tons of concrete. Oh my God! How extremely unbelievably impossible to consider.

There is some consolation in the fact that a U.S. Navy ship is on its way. There are some charitable organizations that have gotten the word and the call is out for help any help. And help is coming from all sides. They don’t know that. All they know is that something horrible has happened and they don’t know what to do. And what about now? What about me? Where is my husband and where are my children? The children were in the school but now where is the school? My husband is at work? In that building over there but it’s not there.

It’s a good thing the person can’t think beyond this moment in time. He/she doesn’t have to face the fact that it will be weeks, months, even years before things get back to normal if even then. They are  protected from having to be able to look ahead at this moment. They can only see what is in front of them or what is not in front of them. Thank God for that.

Hopefully after the wind, the earthquake, and the fire, they can hear the still small voice of hope, courage, and the gather up the energy of life and want to go on. I don’t think I could or would.

But hey, I thought I had problems. I and so many others don’t know what real problems are. I shall pray and send a donation to help in a small way. But I can’t ever forget what happened on January 14, 2010 in the middle of my day. Can we talk?

One Response to “Right in the Middle”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Arloa thank you for your insight into this tragedy,it is so hard to imagine the loss these people will be going through for the rest of their lives I can only offer my Prayers and hopes help will get there soon.